5 Interesting ways to use an electric kettle

5 Interesting ways to use an electric kettle

An electric kettle is a household kitchen appliance to rely on for your daily needs. It is a compact and handy household appliance for boiling water in no time. Many of you may not know that this super convenient appliance can help you prepare snacks and other items within a few minutes. 

With people who have limited working or cooking space and time, electric kettles take the place of the holy grail. There are so many things that you can do with an electric tea kettle, and you would be surprised. To learn more, keep on reading:


1.  Make a bowl of soup:

A nice boiled cup of soup is both comforting and tasty. If you are too tired to make one on your stovetop, an electric kettle can come for your respite. All you need to do is dice the vegetables into small pieces and add them to the electric kettle with the right proportion of water. Your hot and delicious soup will be ready within minutes. You can also use instant soup mix in the kettle with the right amount of water.

2.  Make Instant Noodles:

If you are in the mood to eat some spicy instant noodles or ramen, just trust Aardee electric kettle to get the job done! The electric kettle will boil the water in minutes which you can add to your instant noodles, add the spice mix that comes with the noodles and voila your noodles are ready without even putting the pan on the gas stove.

3.  Breakfast Options:

There are many easy breakfasts that you can make using an electric kettle easily. You can make meals like oatmeal, also you can use it on the side while cooking - to dilute gravies, daal, kadhi etc. - where you need to add hot water. 

Boiling water in a kettle is quicker than in a pan. Normally, boiling eggs on a pan using a gas stove takes quite a lot of time. But using a kettle, you can achieve the same within minutes.

4.  Cook oatmeal:

If you need to prepare a quick healthy breakfast or light dinner, instant oatmeal is the right option for you. And you can quickly make up some using an electric tea kettle. First Boil some water and pour it into a bowl filled with oats. Add a lid and wait for a couple of minutes until your oatmeal is ready to eat. Enjoy your healthy oatmeal by adding nuts and fruits to it.

5.  Hot Spa Treatment:

You can use the best electric kettle for more than just cooking; it can also be utilized for skincare and beauty treatments. You can use a kettle to boil water for your foot soak or face steam. For beauty treatment, it is usually advisable to use hot water, so instead of switching on your geysers or gas stove, adjust the temperature in an electric kettle, and you are ready for the spa treatment.


Final Words

Our Aardee Electric Kettle is perfect for cooking your breakfast. It is efficient and saves you time in the kitchen. 

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